Will your classroom schedule still be available for the 2023/24 academic year?

As we are in the process of updating and improving our platform, we have now retired our 21/22 Classroom schedule feature and will not be updating it in the future.

We understand that following Oak's structured schedule has been beneficial for some pupils. We are therefore providing a downloadable copy of the 21/22 schedule for teachers and pupils to use.

Once downloaded you can edit the schedule by making a copy or you can download it again in a format that suits you. Please note we won't be able to grant editing access if you request this from the original document.

Download Oak Schedule 21/22


Frequently asked questions

Why is the schedule not being updated?

The schedule was originally created as a suggested sequence to help support teachers and schools during the pandemic. We have seen a reduction in the use of our weekly schedule as pupils have returned to schools. As we're in the process of updating and improving our platform, we've decided to retire this feature.

We are making new lesson planning and teaching resources

We have started to release new resources for English, maths, history, and science from keys stages 1, 2, 3 & 4, and primary geography and secondary music. More subjects will follow next year.

These resources will not be listed on the classroom schedule.

What's included in the downloadable resource?
We've collated our weekly schedule from the 2021/22 academic year into one spreadsheet to offer you the option to revisit that schedule.

We haven't included suggested term dates, so you can use the recommended sequence of lessons to suit your own timetable. 

Why are some subjects not included in the year 10 and 11 downloadable schedule?
English, maths and science do not appear on the year 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) schedules because of the different routes and content available in these subjects

Are any lessons repeated across certain year groups?
Some lessons are repeated across year groups in Key Stage 2, due to limited availability of lessons in particular areas. We will be creating new resources in the future.

How can I use Oak to create my own sequenced plan?
If you're looking to explore and adapt our resources for your own planning, remember that our resources remain free and open to all. You can explore resources via our website, with no logins, passwords or subscriptions required.