Oak National Academy provides free video lessons, slides and worksheets to support teachers, as they support their pupils. The resources are freely available for teachers to use as they wish, to complement their own teaching and planning for high-quality structured learning.

Lessons cover a broad range of subjects, from reception to year 11, with lessons covering the full year. There are no sign-ups or logins required.

Each lesson takes around an hour for a pupil to complete. There is a pre-recorded video from a teacher, with slides, as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities.

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There are two main areas:

  • The Teacher Hub is a dedicated area for teachers, where you can browse all our units, lessons and resources. You can share each lesson, or just elements of lessons (such as the slides) via email or using the link to add it to your own virtual learning environment. You can also download all of the lessons to use offline and save and edit the lesson slides and worksheets, enabling you to adapt them to your school and your pupils.

  • The classroom area is where pupils and parents can access lessons. They’re able to find lessons by one of two routes, but each lesson also has a specific web address that you can share.

There are two routes to find lessons:

  • Subject: Here pupils or parents can find a lesson in a particular subject. This first asks your year group, and then offers you lessons in specific subjects.

  • Schedule: Here, after asking your year group, this option will offer a schedule of lessons, giving a daily timetable across different subjects in a proposed order.

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