We’ve made Oak with accessibility in mind so there is no requirement to log-in. This means we do not store personal data and so at the moment we cannot store or send any information on work completion from individual pupils. We are looking into this.

We know that you may want to check on work completion, and what pupils have learnt. For now, schools can do this by:

  • Asking pupils to take a screenshot of end of lesson quizzes with their score, and uploading these to the school’s learning management system (e.g. as an assignment in Google Classroom), or emailing them to class teachers
  • Setting their own quizzes on their learning management system, asking about content taught in Oak lessons
  • Regularly contacting parents to check how pupils are managing with Oak and speaking to the pupil to ask them questions about what they’ve been learning
  • Having a teacher available at set times to answer questions from pupils.
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