Schools are best placed to decide what's best for their school. We've tried to make it as flexible as possible for you. We would recommend you go through Oak’s units and map them against your existing curriculum to assess where they match.

Where our curriculum matches, you may consider using Oak as a ready-made back-up plan or for support in lesson planning. For areas where our curriculum doesn’t match, you may wish to either create your own remote teaching resources or use another recommended provider.

Alternatively you may choose to teach Oak’s units for this year, using our video and downloadable resources to help. More information about this is available in our recorded webinars.

If you would like to use Oak resources to assist your planning and teaching, we would also recommend downloading our materials where you can, so you can use them in lessons and tailor resources for your pupils.

If you plan to incorporate Oak resources into an existing learning management system your school may have, we would recommend considering how you can best transfer Oak materials over into this.

We'll be adding more resources and materials over the year, so please sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

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