Teachers have been working hard to produce lessons over summer. In most subjects we have lessons for the full year, but there’s some we’re still working on. This includes:

  • Citizenship - We’ll be completing the lessons that are towards the end of our sequence by October half-term.
  • Maths - We’re going to add a few more units in Key Stage 2 and 4 that are towards the end of our sequence by October half term.
  • RE - We’ll be completing the missing unit on Families and Relationship during September.
  • English Secondary - We’re still working on some lessons for year 9 and hope to have these complete by October half term.
  • English Primary - Some lessons in Key Stage 1 and 2 that come later in the sequence should be done by October half term.
  • Computing - We hope to have all lessons for year 5 and the rest of Key stage 3 and 4 by Christmas.
  • MFL Secondary - For Years 7 and 8 we’ll keep producing these on a rolling basis, making sure we’re always a half term ahead of the proposed sequence (which it's important to follow in order). For years 9-11 we’ll be adding a few more French and Spanish lessons, plus more German lessons after October half-term.

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