We’re expecting all schools to be open but we know some pupils will be in families that are shielding, or there may be local lockdowns which mean your child can’t go to school.

Your school will likely advise you if and how to use Oak for remote learning and you should always follow their advice.

There’s likely three ways they might advise you to use our resources:

  • They could send you links to specific lessons to complete;
  • They may ask you to complete specific subjects - you can find these by following the link to ‘Lessons’ and then clicking ‘subjects;
  • They may ask you to follow Oak’s pre-set timetable. You can find this by following the link to ‘Lessons’ and then clicking ‘schedule’ - this provides a plan of lessons for you to follow each day, across a range of subjects.

Where appropriate you may also want to use Oak’s resources to help your children re-cap, revise or catch up on learning from their school.

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