Oak National Academy provides free video lessons, slides and worksheets to support teachers, as they support their pupils - both for learning if at home or in the classroom.

Created by teachers, our resources are freely available for teachers to use as they wish, to complement their own teaching and planning for high-quality structured learning.

Watch our quick guide on how to use Oak to support your school, with David Thomas, a headteacher and one of the Oak founders:

Want to get started ASAP? Find lessons quickly with Teacher Hub >

Each lesson is delivered by a teacher, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, you can access our lessons on any device, and pupils only need materials they can find at home.

After talking to schools already using Oak, we’ve prepared a series of helpful guides, checklists and template letters, you can use to support your plans and communications with parents.

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