As thoughts move to more pupils attending school and the catch-up agenda, this term is going to be another ‘big ask’ on teachers. So here at Oak we’re thinking how we can support you. You’ll be planning for:

  • How and what to teach with more pupils in schools, but many still needing remote education

  • Catch up - getting the right conditions for pupils’ learning, identifying gaps, filling those gaps, and then checking learning - both this year and beyond

  • Preparing pupils for any exams or those making transitions

What and how to teach on the return?

Whilst we don't know the details yet, it’s likely more pupils will soon go into school. But it may not be everyone. Whether it’s phased, rotas, or bubbles that sometimes need to isolate, teachers will need to teach a complex picture of pupils in class and at home.

To do this with a manageable teacher workload it’s likely you’ll be asking two questions:

  • What will I teach? Having had a heavily disrupted year, you’ll be considering what are the most important knowledge and skills pupils have missed. That could mean changes to your existing plans and curriculum order. You might be considering formative and diagnostic assessments, to check where you need to give greatest focus.

  • How will I teach? It’s likely some pupils will continue to require remote education, so you’ll need to consider how you’ll teach those in schools and those at home.

Oak can help with this:

  • Oak’s curriculum maps provide a full overview of all our lessons and resources and any suggested or flexibility in order.

  • Once you’ve planned your curriculum for the remainder of the year, use this to map where there are matching lessons from Oak that can help. You may even choose to match some of Oak’s units to lower workload and increase flexibility for pupils coming in and out of school.

  • To help make your planning even easier, we’ve created a new Oak Lesson and Resource Directory. This lists every lesson and what downloadable slides and worksheets are available from each.

  • For in-school teaching, download our thousands of ready made lesson slides and worksheets from our Teacher Hub, editing them to create your own lessons. For pupils learning remotely, send them to the same online Oak lesson to complete. This makes sure everyone is taught the same curriculum and lessons, no matter where they are.

How to help pupils catch up?

Despite incredible efforts from schools, pupils have faced a year of disruption. The impact on learning will vary depending on each pupil’s circumstance.

To make effective recovery and catch-up plans, you’ll be wanting to understand where each of your pupil’s knowledge and skills is, and how you can support them with as little disruption to your whole-class teaching as possible.

Oak can help with this.

  • Our 10,000 lessons and teacher resources can act as ready-made, personalised catch-up support, for any topic across the majority of the national curriculum.

  • You can direct pupils to these top-up lessons whenever suits you or your pupils - in class, as homework, or as extension tasks.

  • Better still, every lesson has a quiz. Send pupils to the quizzes where you think there may be a gap, so you can check their understanding. Through the Teacher Hub’s ‘share’ then ‘customise lesson’ functionality you can choose to create a link to just the quiz, or to the quiz and the full lesson.

  • To help teachers quickly understand the progress of each pupil, we’ve launched quiz results sharing. Pupils can now send their quiz score directly back to you, with a breakdown of their results.

  • Once you understand the gaps from the quiz results, you can pick the next set of Oak lessons for pupils to complete.

We know it would be helpful to highlight what we think are important knowledge and skills in each subject, so we’ll be thinking about how we can flag lessons that cover these more easily. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when new features are available.

How to prepare for exams and transitions?

Whilst we’re still waiting for details on grading, we know you’ll be supporting pupils working towards exams, tests or those making a transition to another year, school or course.

You’ll again be thinking about the important knowledge and skills they need to progress.

Oak can help with this.

  • Just like catch-up, you can draw on our 10,000 lessons and teacher resources to act as ready-made revision and learning support.

  • Our new quiz results sharing can help you understand the basics of what your pupils understand, helping you identify both the gaps in knowledge, and the next set of Oak lessons to keep pupils progressing.

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