Oak has developed at an incredible pace, from a weekly schedule of ‘fall-back’ lessons during lockdown to a vast and varied national bank of resources.

Did you know that there are tonnes of ways that Oak National Academy can help teachers’ planning, workload and development beyond the online classroom, both in and out of school?

If you didn’t, then we’ve got some top tips and features you really should know about...

Did you know..?

Our dedicated Teacher Hub is designed for teachers. We’re not just an online classroom

Designed to ease your planning, our teachers-only hub lets you browse Oak’s full curriculum of lessons, slides and all the worksheets available to support planning for both in and out of the classroom. You can also scan transcripts of the lessons and search for keywords to speed up the process.

Save hours on lesson planning with free slides and worksheets:

Oak provides free access to download and edit thousands of lesson slides and worksheets. Each high quality lesson is mapped to the national curriculum, giving you great resources you can amend and add to for your own in-school lessons.

Oak lessons are not just videos

Each lesson contains a teaching video which is an incredible aid for isolating pupils. However, Oak lessons are built around presentations, worksheets, quizzes and transcripts to make them just as helpful for teachers to use as complete lessons for in-class teaching.

Oak offers almost 10,000 lessons for teachers to use for free

There are 8692 unique lessons currently on the site, to be precise. With 813 lessons in new subject areas currently being made by our curriculum partners and 526 lessons still to add to existing topics, by February we’ll have a whopping 10031 lessons available! (Can you even imagine how complicated these spreadsheets are…?!)

Every Oak lesson is customisable

You know your students best. So now you can choose which parts of our lessons to share with your class. Turn the quiz on or off, or just share the video or worksheets. It's up to you.

Most of Oak’s resources can be downloaded, edited and printed

The vast majority of the resources on Oak are downloadable and editable thanks to the generous work of hundreds of teachers who contributed to the site. Over 70% of the lessons are yours to chop and change as you wish (we’d do it for them all if our hands weren’t tied due to copyright).

You can set Oak lessons for pupils directly in seconds

Oak has the built-in technology to instantly share a lesson to whichever VLE your school uses. Setting complete lessons in limited time couldn’t be easier, and you can easily integrate with your existing, familiar systems.

Pupils have taken part in over 6 million lessons since September

Oak wasn’t just useful during lockdown. Since September, isolating pupils, covered classes and teachers have made use of Oak lessons over 6,000,000 times. Whether used in or out of the classroom, we remain available while demand continues to increase.

Oak can support schools with teacher training and CPD

Oak’s lessons aren’t just for students - we’re also finding new teachers are learning from them too. We’re hearing some NQTs are using our resources to watch other teachers explain a topic before they teach the same lessons themselves.

We’re also seeing Oak being used to plug gaps in teachers’ subject knowledge, and as a support for non-specialists picking up new subjects.

And we’ve heard from wildly experienced teachers using the videos in a reflective way to adapt their own questioning and lesson structuring.

Staff off ill? Use Oak to set hassle-free, meaningful cover

Oak is super useful not just when pupils are absent, but when teachers are too. Setting meaningful and engaging cover is difficult at the best of times, so using a complete, ready-to-go lesson designed by a skilled teacher is a great way to maintain learning when a teacher can’t be present and take the pressure off supply and cover teachers new to the class.

Oak lessons are perfect for homework, revision or catch-up

Oak provides you with free structured, teacher-led explanations for any topics your pupils have struggled with, missed or need to revisit. Instead of spending hours creating revision booklets, explore and share our lessons with your classes. Use it for closing gaps in their knowledge, stretching students’ skills and exam-prep.

Every subject is accompanied by a key stage curriculum map for you to structure your planning

Want to quickly search our thousands of resources for a lesson to use today? You absolutely can. But you can also use Oak to support your long and medium term planning both in and out of school with our subject curriculum maps. Use them to easily see which skills are covered in each unit and to map against your existing curriculums for remote learning.

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