We’ve spoken to hundreds of teachers over the last few months, and one of the most requested features was the ability to share quiz scores directly to teachers, in order to help them quickly understand pupil progress.

So, we’re delighted to share that we’ve developed a new feature which enables the sharing of quiz results. Pupils can now send their quiz score directly back to you, with a breakdown of their scores.

You told us that sharing quiz results would be really valuable to track pupil progress, whether they are learning remotely or in the classroom. We hope this will help to give you a better understanding of each of your pupils’ knowledge and skills, to better shape any catch-up intervention and to personalise revision.

How it works

  • Pupils complete a quiz before or after a lesson in our Classroom

  • The quiz is automatically marked and pupils are shown a final score

  • The pupils can then share the score directly to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, or copy a unique link to email you or upload to your school’s VLE

  • Teachers are able to see a breakdown of the pupil's answers by question, as well as a final score

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