How do I find lessons and resources quickly with Teacher Hub?

Search by a topic keyword, or browse the curriculum by subject or key stage

Using the search bar in Teacher Hub

Using our dedicated Teacher Hub, which mirrors our Classroom, you can find our 10,000 lessons and resources and download accompanying lesson slides and worksheets.

To get started, click the Teacher Hub button on the website or visit

You can navigate the 'By Subject' or 'By Key Stage' buttons to can explore units manually, or you can use the search bar to find desired relevant topics quickly.

Tip: if you want to browse lessons specifically for certain year groups, searching 'By Subject' will allow you to select your desired year group and view suggested units.

You can also download our full curricula for each subject and map these to your existing curriculum plans.

You’ll know what’s best for your pupils and school, so our aim has been to make our resources as flexible as possible. We’ve worked with subject associations, exam boards, and a wide range of education experts to try and choose the most popular topics, meaning we can support as many schools as possible across a broad curriculum.