Should parents be using Oak to homeschool their children?

Advice on homeschooling

Oak National Academy is designed to support educators in their efforts to make sure that every child has access to high-quality teaching. Our lessons are open and available to all for free, with no logins or passwords required, so there's no reason why parents and pupils can't dive straight into Oak's Classroom right away.

We have 10,000 lessons spanning across all phases, with a weekly schedule to help keep learning consistent and targeted.

That being said, while parents and carers may find the lessons and resources a useful part of supporting their child’s learning and structuring their day, we always recommend that parents seek and follow the advice of their child’s school and specialist therapists.

Please note that Oak is not an awarding body. We recommend that parents instead seek the advice of their child's school if they are looking to take examinations. Parents and pupils may wish to use Oak’s resources to help re-cap, revise or catch up on exam topics.