How does Oak National Academy work?

Oak National Academy provides free video lessons and accompanying resources to support educators in their teaching and pupils in their learning.

Created by teachers in response to the pandemic, the resources are freely available to complement schools’ own teaching. Lessons cover a broad range of subjects, from reception to year 11. There are no sign-ups or logins required.

While parents may find the lessons and resources a useful part of supporting their child’s learning, they should follow the advice of their child’s school. Where appropriate parents may want to use Oak's resources to help their children recap, revise or catch up on learning from their school.

Each lesson takes around an hour for a pupil to complete. There is a pre-recorded video from a teacher, with slides, as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities.

Visit and then click ‘Lessons’. You’ll then find three options:

  • Specialist: To take you to the specialist resources for those with additional needs

  • Subject: Use this if you want to find a lesson in a particular subject. This first asks your year group, and then offers you lessons in specific subjects.

  • Schedule: After asking your year group this option will offer you a schedule of lessons, giving you a daily timetable across different subjects.