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How are schools using our lesson planning and teaching resources?

See how teachers and schools are making the most of our resources

We've designed our lesson planning and teaching resources so they can be used flexibly to complement your existing curriculum, in whichever way suits you best.

Teachers have been sharing ways they’ve been supporting their pupils and staff with Oak’s resources.

Using Oak for lesson planning

Whatever subject, key stage or topic you’re teaching, we have easy-to-access slides, worksheets, quizzes and videos which you can use as they are or download, edit and adapt to meet the needs of your pupils — saving you time and money.

To support your planning, Oak has several curricula maps, organised by subject and phase, that detail each unit available and the suggested sequencing of these units. Teachers can not only use these to see what’s included in Oak’s offering, but also to help them plan further ahead.

We've also developed a Lesson and Resource Directory to help you quickly search for and filter lessons and see an at-a-glance view of available resources.

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Using Oak for lesson cover

Many schools have been using Oak to support cover staff in preparing and delivering unfamiliar lessons. Teachers have simply been sharing links to the relevant lessons with colleagues who are covering classes.

As Donna Lewis, head of Broken Cross Primary in Macclesfield says:

“I’m increasingly aware that I could well end up in a position where it’s a class teacher who is out of school, and that’s when Oak will really come into its own again. I did some cover myself during lockdown and used the Oak resources to teach number work to Reception.”

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Using Oak for homework and revision

Oak provides structured lessons and teacher-led explanations for any topics your pupils have struggled with, missed out on or need to revisit. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel - Oak’s resources are created by expert teachers ready for you to use however suits you.

Take a look at Oak's Teacher Hub where you can download worksheets, quizzes and presentation slides to save time creating resources. You can also edit and adapt slides and worksheets to personalise them for your class. 

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Using Oak to support absent pupils 

There are many reasons a pupil may be absent from lessons or from school — medical absences or internal or external exclusion, to name but a few.

With Oak, long gone are the days of spending hours trying to translate weeks’ worth of classroom experiences into self-contained, easily understandable and accessible remote lessons.

Our ready-made resources mean you only have to plan your lessons once, no matter where your pupils are learning. And you can easily integrate with your existing, familiar systems.

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