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Finding and adapting our curriculum plans

Where to find Oak's curriculum plans and how to adapt them

Finding our curriculum plans

Our curriculum plans are an easy way to get an overview of our lessons, both by key stage and subject.

Explore our new interactive curriculum plans

If you are accessing our new resources for English, maths, history, and science from keys stages 1, 2, 3 & 4, and primary geography and secondary music, you can use our interactive curriculum plans for even more help with your planning.

Choose and subject, then a phase to view the curriculum plan you need.

Here you can:

  • See an explainer of each curriculum, so you can understand the thinking, structure and focus behind the plan.
  • View the full sequence, with breakdowns of prior knowledge needed for each unit and what comes next, all in one place.
  • Search a thread within a plan so you can see common themes running through key stages in the subject.

For more information about our new teaching resources see our article How do I use your new resources?

Other subjects

If you want to look at our curriculum plans for other subjects:

  1. Go to our Oak's curricula page.

  2. Choose the phase you need.
  3. Scroll down to the subject you want.
  4. You'll then see button to download a PDF version of the curriculum map.

Adapting our curriculum maps

Our fully sequenced curriculum plans for each subject provide inspiration and a springboard for annual, termly and weekly planning for every teacher in your school.

Each plan provides a curriculum rationale, an outline of all topic units available and how many lessons are in each. To help you, we’ve provided information on the pre-existing knowledge needed for any unit.  There is also a suggested sequenced order of lessons, if that works for you - but you are of course free to use the units and lessons in any order that suits you.

Each unit, lesson and individual elements (such as slides and worksheets) have their own web link, so you can pick and choose which bits you want to access, download, edit and adapt.

Using the parts of our resources that work best for schools can help to free up extra time for teachers to focus on the bits of the curriculum that they want to personalise.

Other uses

There could be times where you want to use our resources without any adaptations such as supporting absent pupils or setting cover. We recommend quickly mapping our resources against your existing curriculum so that you’re ready to go at short notice.

Did you know we are updating and improving our resources?

We have started to release new lesson planning and teaching resources for English, maths, history, and science from keys stages 1, 3, 3 & 4, and primary geography and secondary music. More subjects will follow soon.


Look our for the label 'New' and for slide decks, worksheets and quizzes that match the colours and logo on our new website. We've improved the design of our resources to be fresher, easier to find and use and to be more accessible.

Plus you can now explore our new interactive curriculum plans to make it even easier to plan your lessons this year!

Get updated when we release even more new teaching resources.