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I'm having issues with videos

We're sorry that you're experiencing playback issues with our videos. Luckily, there is usually a simple explanation behind any problems.    
Here's some quick tips to help troubleshoot common issues:
  • Try it somewhere else: In the first instance, we would always suggest trying a different browser or updating existing browsers to see if there is any improvement. If you suspect an issue with internet connection, moving your device closer to your wifi router may also prove beneficial.
  • Make sure you have unrestricted access: If you are using Google Classroom, you will need to make sure your school has the correct permissions enabled. Find out more about using Google Classroom.
  • Older devices: We are aware that some older devices can sometimes have issues with our content, and we're continuously working on ways to support more devices. We are always happy to investigate specific cases if you are unable to access Oak on a different device, so please get in touch.
  • It's not you, it's us: In the unlikely event that we experience any major issues across our website, we will usually share information and updates via X (Twitter).
  • Report it for further help: If you are still having issues after addressing the above, you can either:
    • click the question mark at the bottom-right of your page on our homepage (example pictured to the right)  Gleap widget help button
    • email us with any details you have at help@thenational.academy. Our team will be grateful to receive any reports and will try to help as best as they can.