How can I help students without internet access?

A guide to accessing internet data for your pupils, plus using resources offline

Oak remains free to use – even on mobile

We know that lack of internet access is a barrier to remote learning for many pupils. A recent study by Ofcom suggests that up to a million children are only able to access the internet through costly mobile data.

After our call to tackle the #DigitalDivide, we’re thrilled to announce that Oak is zero-rated for all users on VodafoneO2, GiffGaff, Three, SMARTY Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Sky and Virgin Media.

Zero-rated means our website is exempt from data costs; in other words, pupils can access Oak's lessons without impacting on their mobile data limits or incurring any cost for accessing the internet.

By joining our call to zero-rate Oak, these networks are helping some of the country’s most disadvantaged families to access Oak's lessons and resources without any financial burden.

Using Oak's resources offline

In addition to this, we also know that there are students without access to devices and appreciate the challenge that teachers face of digital inclusion outside of school.

We've been working over the last year to make as many accompanying lesson materials as we can downloadable, with options to download slides, sheets and quizzes. Downloading these resources means that teachers can provide disadvantaged pupils with printed copies or even offline copies (via a USB stick, for example), so that pupils can continue to access Oak's content offline. Find out more about how you can download resources here.

Get help with technology

The Department for Education is continuing to offer government support through the Get help with technology programme, in order to help pupils connect to the internet when face-to-face education is disrupted. You can find out more about this on