Is there a way to assess pupils’ work?

We're unable to track individual pupil progress for you, but pupils can send quiz scores directly back to you with a breakdown of their scores.

Whether they are learning inside or outside the classroom, we hope this will help to give you a better understanding of their progress and any gaps in learning you need to address.

How it works

  • Pupils complete a starter quiz before, or an exit quiz after a lesson in our Pupil area.

  • The quiz is automatically marked and pupils are shown a final score.

  • The pupils can then share the score directly to Google Classroom or Microsoft  Teams, or copy a unique link to email you or upload to your school’s VLE.

  • Teachers are able to see a breakdown of the pupil's answers by question, as well as a final score.

You can't track work using our new resources yet but this feature is coming very soon. 

To help recognise our new resources, look out for the label 'New' and for slide decks, worksheets and quizzes that match the colours and logo on our new website. We've improved the design of our resources to be fresher, easier to find and use and to be more accessible.