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Access to some of our lessons has changed

Our lesson planning and teaching resources were initially created at the height of the pandemic with a range of schools, publishers and organisations. With the worst of the pandemic now thankfully behind us, we’ve been discussing new arrangements with our partners.

Our new resources and curricula will start to be released in autumn. Sign up to be kept updated on our latest curriculum developments and other helpful content by email. 

Unfortunately, due to restrictions and the end of licences from some of our partners, we have had to remove some of our original lessons and subjects in certain key stages. We’re really sorry as we know the changes will cause inconvenience.

Changes to our original lessons

From September 2022 onwards access to some of our original lessons changed on our platform.

Some of the lessons that were removed are now available via United Learning's platform

If you have any queries about accessing the platform or content you can contact United Learning via continuityoak@unitedlearning.org.uk.

Plan for the changes using our directory

To help you navigate these changes, we've updated our Lesson and Resource Directory: a downloadable document detailing every one of our lessons.

Lesson & Resource directory  <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jfBonn7WE5R71ivmls1EKz8Y_8LfgGdETiutb4cRXxg/>

We've highlighted the lessons that have changed or moved from Oak and those that have been made available on United Learning's platform. 

When we initially created our lessons, we never envisaged they’d be available for so long, so we want to thank all our partners for the amazing support they’ve given.