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Access to some of our resources has changed

Our lesson planning and teaching resources were first created at the height of the pandemic with a range of schools, publishers and organisations. With the worst of the pandemic now thankfully behind us, we’ve been working on new resources designed for the classroom.


Changes to our resources designed for remote teaching

Unfortunately, due to the end of licences from some of our partners, we have had to remove some of our resources that were designed for remoted teaching. We’re really sorry as we know the changes will cause inconvenience.

Where available, we are automatically redirecting to equivalent new resources we have specifically designed for classroom teaching.

Our new resources are designed for classroom teaching

We've released new lesson planning and teaching resources in:

  • maths
  • English
  • history
  • science
  • primary geography
Look our for the 'New' label.




We've improved the design of our resources to be fresher, easier to find and use and to be more accessible.

Plus you can now explore our new interactive curriculum plans to make it even easier to plan your lessons this year!

Can't find one of our new lessons?

Sometimes we need to take down teaching resources to make sure they're right for our users and the best they can be. Where possible, we'll make them available again once any issues have been resolved. Why not explore our curriculum plans to find an alternative in the meantime?

What's coming next for teachers

We've just announced our new curriculum partners for even more subjects and we'll work with them, our expert groups and hundreds of teachers to produce new curriculum plans and content.

From autumn 2024, we'll start rolling out brand new lesson planning and teaching resources for:

  • Key stages 1, 2,3 & 4 Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, PE, RE
  • Primary languages
  • Primary RHE
  • Primary music
  • Secondary citizenship
  • Secondary geography
  • Secondary MFL
  • Secondary RHSE. 

Get updated when we release even more new teaching resources.


We've recently improved the pupil area of our website to make it even easier to find lessons. Select your year group and subject to see all the lessons we have available.

There are new lessons for maths, English, history, science and geography. We'll be adding even more lessons for these subjects later this year.

All of our available new content is already there ready for you to use and this is listed first on a unit page.