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How can I use Oak resources to help with catch-up?

Pupils might need to catch-up for lots of reasons including medical absences or internal and external exclusion to name but a few.

To make effective recovery and catch-up plans, you’ll be wanting to understand where each of your pupil’s knowledge and skills is, and how you can support them with as little disruption to your whole-class teaching as possible.

Oak can help with this.

  • Our lesson planning and teaching resources can act as ready-made, personalised catch-up support, for any topic across the majority of the national curriculum.

  • You can direct pupils to these top-up lessons whenever suits you or your pupils - in class, as homework, or as extension tasks.

  • Better still, every lesson has a quiz. Send pupils to the quizzes where you think there may be a gap, so you can check their understanding. Through the Teacher Hub’s ‘share’ then ‘customise lesson’ functionality you can choose to create a link to just the quiz, or to the quiz and the full lesson.

  • To help teachers quickly understand the progress of each pupil, they can share their quiz results. Pupils can now send their quiz score directly back to you, with a breakdown of their results.

  • Once you understand the gaps from the quiz results, you can pick the next set of Oak lessons for pupils to complete.