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Using the Oak brand


Who this article is for

This article is intended to help press, partners and education organisations make the best use of our brand when referring to us.

Get in touch with us via help@thenational.academy if you have any questions. For media enquiries, contact media@thenational.academy.

If you’re looking for guidance on using our teaching resources, take a look at our guide to our website licensing.

How to refer to us in publications

Please use our full title, Oak National Academy, when talking about us.

Following an introduction, Oak can be used as an abbreviation.

Our logo

There are three versions of our logo (each trademarked):

Oak acorn We’re recognised by our acorn, which can be used on its own if the wording ‘Oak National Academy’ is present prominently nearby. It also acts as a watermark on our resources and other materials.
Oak logo

Our core logo is composed of our symbol and logotype. We don't use the logotype on its own.

Oak wide logo

A wide version of our logo can be used when space is restricted. Again, we don't use the logotype on its own.

Each of the logos are in black and have transparent backgrounds. We layer them on white or mint, but they can be placed on any suitable colour from our palette.

White versions are available, though should only be used where necessary for contrast purposes.

Clear space rule

Clear space is calculated using the ‘O’ of ‘Oak’, which we count twice. When placing the logo in a composition, leave at least this space (two Os) between the logo and other objects and/or the edge of the layout. This is a suggested margin, but it can be increased.

Please leave at least three ‘O’s of clearspace when placing our logo next to another logo.

Download our logo

Our logo can only be used if you’ve reached out to us to seek permission. Please get in get in touch to request our logo via help@thenational.academy.


For reference, our core colour is Mint green (#BEF2BD), and we also use White (#FFFFFF) and Black (#222222) – though please don’t use our colour palette to decorate your own material or suggest affiliations with Oak.


Our typeface is Lexend, and we use all weights from Light to Bold. Lexend is an open-source Google font that can be downloaded for free.

Other assets and copyright information

You are not permitted to use other brand assets that are not listed above.

Our branding and trademarks include, but are not limited to:

  • Logo and trademarks
  • Brand imagery
  • Illustrations
  • Stock photography
  • Design assets

These are owned by or licensed to us. Reproduction is strictly prohibited, other than in accordance with these terms and conditions.