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What resources can I download from Oak?

Find out what you can download and how

What's available to download?

In Teacher Hub, where copyright allows, you can freely download slides, worksheets, and quizzes.

We now have more downloadable materials than ever, with over 90% of our lessons featuring downloadable resources.

How do I download these?

All of our downloadable materials can be found within individual lessons in Teacher Hub. Simply head to your chosen lesson and find the 'download' button in the top-right corner. 

Note that you will be asked to give your school name (required), and for your email (optional). 

What's the benefit of downloading lesson resources?

Teachers and pupils are free to use these files however they wish to suit their work: in lesson planning; for cover; for homework; for revision; and so on. Take a look at our planning page for inspiration.

We also know that there are students without laptops or internet access and appreciate the challenge of digital inclusion outside of school. Downloading resources means that teachers can provide disadvantaged pupils with printed copies or even offline copies (via a USB stick, for example), so that pupils can continue to access Oak offline.