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Why are some subjects not included in the year 10 and 11 classroom schedules?

English, maths and science do not appear on our year 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) classroom schedules because of the different routes and content available in these subjects.

For pupils needing help identifying what lessons to focus on, please speak to your teacher.


There are many options for Key Stage 4 English depending on the units your school/exam board follows.


In Key Stage 4 maths there are three possible pathways available:

i) Foundation for pupils aiming for a Grade 4
ii) Core for pupils who will take the Higher Tier paper but are aiming for a Grade 5 or 6
iii) Higher Tier for pupils aiming for a Grade 7+

In science, pupils can take a double or triple award. This means that schools can take many different pathways to teach the Key Stage 4 science curricula. 

As a result, a suggested timetable is unlikely to be as useful as it is for other non-core subjects.


You can find the full list of our Key Stage 4 content in English, maths and science on the links below: