Why can't I download resources for certain lessons?

Unfortunately some of our accompanying slides decks and worksheets will be unavailable for download due to copyright restrictions.

This accounts for a very small amount of our lessons (less than 10%) and we're continuing to work towards making that number even smaller.

We are updating and improving our resources

We have started to release new resources for English, maths, history, and science from keys stages 1, 2, 3 & 4, and primary geography and secondary music. More subjects will follow next year.

Our early-release units are now available! We have at least one unit per subject for you to download and try out.

Plus you can now explore our new interactive curriculum plans to make it even easier to plan your lessons this year!

Look out for the label 'New' and for slide decks, worksheets and quizzes that match the colours and logo on our new website. We've improved the design of our resources to be fresher, easier to find and use and to be more accessible.


Get updated when we release even more new teaching resources.