Can I work with Oak?


We will always post any vacancies we have on our jobs board.

Working together to develop resources

We’ve become an independent public body, and are delighted this means we can continue supporting you for the years to come. Read more about our future plans.

Just like we started, we’ll always remain by teachers, for teachers. They’ll guide all our work, including at our most senior levels.

Given there’s so much expertise across our education system, we’ll be developing our new resources in partnership with brilliant schools, subject associations, education organisations and publishers from across the country. There are three key ways to get involved:

  1. Become a curriculum partner: If you’ve a brilliant curriculum or set of resources, we want to hear from you. We’ll be launching an open procurement to create new resources in our first subjects very soon.
  2. Join an Expert Group: Later this year we’ll launch open applications to our Subject Expert Groups - these broad range of advisers will guide our work in each subject.
  3. Road test our resources: As we create improved resources, we’ll be recruiting schools to actively test, feedback and improve them – making sure they truly work in the classroom. We'll share more information about this when we have it.