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How are the lessons taught?

How Oak's lessons are structured

Our lessons take around an hour to complete when viewed as a full lesson in our Classroom. Each lesson follows a similar structure; many have a multiple-choice quiz, followed by a video explanation from the teacher, and there may then be a worksheet, exercise and a multiple-choice quiz at the end to check understanding.

Some lessons will have an introductory quiz at the very beginning to retrieve and activate prior knowledge that needs to be built upon. Similarly, some lessons have an exit quiz to check pupil understanding. (Note that we now also have end-of-unit quizzes for each unit.)

Every lesson has a video with an explanation of the topic from a teacher. Typically, a video will include lesson objectives, questions to ensure understanding, and various practice tasks, with prompts to start and pause the video.

Most lessons have an additional worksheet embedded. These will contain any templates, tasks or other content as referred to in the video. In
Teacher Hub, teachers can also access slides (usually replicated from the video). The majority of these sheets and slides are downloadable.

Transcripts for each lesson’s video are available in Teacher Hub. This is useful for those who want to quickly skim to see what each lesson covers, without having to watch the video all the way through. Many teachers also use Oak lesson transcripts to help with scripting their own lessons.

Our lessons are designed to be flexible, so you don't need to use every included element. Teachers can choose to use the slides without the videos, for example, or to download and adapt the worksheets to complement their own lesson plans.

To customise the way lessons are presented in Classroom or to download accompanying lesson resources, visit your chosen lesson in Teacher Hub and click 'customise' or 'download'.

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