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How can I use Oak's quizzes?

How to make the most of Oak's quizzes to maximise teaching and learning time.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of teachers over the last few months, and they've told us how useful quizzes are to help quickly understand pupil progress.

So, we’ve made a few improvements to our quiz feature to help make sure planning, teaching and learning time is maximised.

Read on below to find out more about:

Sharing quiz scores

Teachers told us that sharing quiz results would be really valuable to track pupil progress, whether they are learning remotely or in the classroom – so we've created a new feature to allow pupils to send teachers results directly.

How to share quiz scores

  • Pupils complete a quiz before or after a lesson in our Classroom
  • The quiz is automatically marked and pupils are shown a final score

  • The pupils can then share the score directly to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, or copy a unique link to email you or upload to your school’s VLE

  • Teachers are able to see a breakdown of the pupil's answers by question, as well as a final score

We hope this will help to give you a better understanding of each of your pupils’ knowledge and skills, to better shape any catch-up intervention and to personalise revision.

Unit Quizzes

Our newly designed unit quizzes are a formative tool to help to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge. They are available across all English, Maths, Science, Geography and History units of work.

Each quiz features questions selected by our subject specialists. They are drawn from lessons across that unit and cover a breadth of knowledge and skills that pupils would be expected to have a firm grasp on at each key stage.

These quizzes can be used by teachers as precursors to topics to aid planning, or after pupils complete a unit to highlight spots that in need of recapping. Teachers can then tailor a selection Oak lessons for individual pupils to address gaps – either as an in-class resource, or by setting the teacher-led video lessons for pupils to learn independently.

Downloadable quizzes

We know that teachers face the challenge of including those pupils that don't have reliable access to internet. As one of our most popular features, we’ve now made every one of our thousands of quizzes super easy to take offline with the option to download quizzes as PDFs. Teachers and/or parents can then print these for pupils where needed.